Optional Subscription Service

Available to clients who order five or ten meal packages from the Clean or Lifestyle plans.

Receive your meals via a subscription service. No need to go in each week and make payment.*

*Must set up initial order choosing the “subscription” price option.  Available for Clean menu or Lifestyle menus’ five or ten meal plans. For ten meal plans, please purchase (Qty 2) of the five meal plans to enable flexibility with your subscription service.

Changes or holds are due by midnight Wednesdays. Stop and start whenever you want.

Please note: We only deliver to the following zip codes:
32145, 32081, 32080, 32082, 32085, 32259, 32084, 32086, 32092, 32095

** All pricing does include a 6.5% state sales tax***

 If you have any questions please email Hello@bydesigncatering.com

Clean 5 Meal

Lifestyle 5 Meal Regular

Lifestyle 5 Meal Large